International Symposium Art in Motion 2020 postponed until 2021

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has led the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich (HMTM) to delay the international symposium Art in Motion 2020 for one year. The new dates are: June 4th and 5th, 2021. This 7th interdisciplinary event of this biannual series of conferences was originally planned for June 5th and 6th, 2020.

, the motto for Art in Motion 2020 remains the same, despite the delay. We hope to welcome all of the planned participants next year in Munich. Any additions or changes to the scheduled program will be announced well in advance on this site.

Registration for June 4th and 5th, 2021 is available now here.
Purchase of tickets for the event will be open approximately six months beforehand.

All of those who have already registered, will receive information from us directly. You do not need to register again for 2021.

If you have already purchased a ticket, you will receive a refund from the HMTM.

We’re looking forward to seeing you next year at Art in Motion. Until then, stay healthy!

Prof. Dr. Adina Mornell and Jutta Drinda
Art in Motion Organizers


, found in music, movement, circadian cycles, and learning processes, is an essential part of life and art. In 2020, Art in Motion will examine the challenges and opportunities afforded by rhythmic perception, coordination, and training. Presentations will cover research on timing and precision from synapses to elite performance, using microscopes, motion capture, and more. Demonstrations, live concerts, and workshops combine and contrast creative rhythms in sports, dance, and music, including classical to jazz, rap, raga, and polyrhythms from around the world. Participants exposed to this fusion of knowledge will learn multiple new ways to further understand and embrace

We welcome you to participate in this event on June 5 & 6, 2020

Prof. Dr. Adina Mornell
University of Music and Performing Arts Munich (HMTM)

In cooperation with:

Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Echternach
Division of Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Munich University Hospital (LMU)

Dr. med. Andreas Winkelmann
Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Ludwig-Maximilans-University (LMU) Munich

More details are added to this site every week. Please visit us again soon to keep up with the news!



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Art in Motion 2020: RHYTHM! postponed until next year

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